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Setting up Proxitee, iOS sdk, work environments

All this talk of iBeacons is great, but to make it all work together we need to create some awesome iBeacon powered apps. This section is dedicated to set you on that path using Proxitee.


Proxitee is one of the best developer platforms for iBeacons.


Account setup

Register for your Proxitee account here.


  • The SDK is not complex but learning to use it will result in limitless possibilities: SDK docs
  • Using the iBeacon hardware: Beacon docs


Helpful samples are available for download :

iOS setup

Proxitee you need at least one iBeacon and some basic set up.


The Minimal requirements building an iOS application to leverage Beacons is as follows:

  • 1 or more iBeacons – or you can turn your device into a beacon transmitter : We tell you how here.
  • Proxitee account : register here.
  • xCode 5.x
  • Proxitee SDK  : The latest is available from


Proxitee SDK installation


The Proxitee SDK is a library built on top of Apple’s CoreLocation framework. It’s goal is to remove the common tasks so that you can spend more time developing awesome iBeacon-powered apps. The quickest way to get started is to use  CocoaPods. This will get you the latest version of the SDK and it will manage all required frameworks and third party dependencies.


I don’t have CocoaPods


To install CocoaPods launch Terminal then type “sudo gem install cocoapods” and provide your password. This may take a while so be patient.

 Next, set up CocoaPods:


I’m good – I got CocoaPods installed

Create a new project in Xcode as you would normally.  You will need to add a file called Podfile to your Xcode project directory. The easiest way to generate this is go back to the terminal and run pod init. This will generate the pod file in the project directory.

The Podfile should specify the Proxitee SDK as a dependency for your project. Edit the podfile and add the line:

Then back at Terminal navigate to your project  directory and install the dependencies by running:

This will create a .xcworkspace file that you use to create your app in Xcode.


See the CocoaPods guide for more information on using CocoaPods, including how to add CocoaPods to an existing project or workspace.


iBeacon powered app the start

iBeacon powered app the start