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Let’s welcome Eddystone to the beacon world

It’s been an interesting time the beacon world. You would have noticed that I didn’t say iBeacon world. There’s a new beacon format from Google, it’s called Eddystone. Eddystone is an open source standard for broadcasting BLE data.


Beacons that support the iBeacon standard broadcasted the beacons UUID, major and minor numbers. Beacons that support the Eddystone format can broadcast 3 different advertising packets called Frame Types. These are

  • UUID : a unique ID – we all know this one from iBeacon standard.
  • URL : An extension on the Google’s UriBeacon project. Beacons that support EddyStone can now natively transmit URLs. It will interact with a users browser.
  • TLM : Telemetry data. Think sensor data like temperature, battery life, etc.

Some beacon hardware manufacturers are already supporting this new standard and since Eddystone is open sourced and also has support for iOS, it should be with some interesting results.

There’s obviously some implications and impacts in existing markets and new opportunities too, but for now lets just welcome  Eddystone into the beacon world.

If you have a concern on the impact Eddystone will have on your beacon solution drop us a line to chat chat 


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