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Comprehensive analysis giving you insight into your campaigns.

Cloud based Management

Proxitee cloud app to manage your campaigns and targets.


Proxitee SDK to enable BLE on all devices.


Proxitee in Retail


Proxitee aims to enhance the customer retail experience by adding a new dimension of interaction. Use the Proxitee SDK & Platform with the low energy inexpensive Proxitee beacons to setup an environment to provide great customer service. Greet customers with a personal greeting, direct them to the latest deals, help and reward them for using your stores and buying your products.


It is ideal for alerting customers to special offers. Imagine walking down the high street with your phone in your pocket, and hearing it ping or feeling it vibrate when you pass a certain store. Check the display, and you’ll discover the special offers and deals that that store has. These messages can be tailored for each customer. Proxitee values users privacy.


Users can be browsing your products via your mobile app, add it to a “Do not forget list”, and when they are near the store, the app directs them directly to the product. Busy shoppers can now shop directly from the app and pick it up in store. Proxitee gives you and your client the tools to seamlessly transition between physical and digital worlds.